Runner Pass- Probation And Suspension Success

What is it?

The Runner PASS Program is designed to provide a structured format to assist students who are experiencing academic difficulties to focus attention on their situation, its causes and its consequences, and to connect these students with strategies, support, and resources needed to ensure the recovery of academic and personal success at Angelina College and beyond.  

How do we help?

Runner PASS can offer you:

  • An Individualized Success Pathway Plan
  • A Dedicated Advisor (the Runner PASS Program Coordinator or a Counselor)
  • Specialized advising
  • Guided registration
  • Regular meetings and communication between advisor and student.
  • Referrals to resources
  • Program Evaluation (to be completed by student) for feedback

What is your responsibility?  

Come see us! Call or come by the Student Services Office on the second floor of the Student Center. Ask for a counselor or the Runner Pass Program Coordinator.  Tell us what you’re having trouble with, and we can help.

However, you have to do your part – this includes :

  • Attending ALL class meetings during the semester.
  • Meet regularly with instructors in their offices outside of class times to check on how you’re doing and ask about anything in class that you don’t understand.
  • Meet regularly with the Runner PASS counselor to report progress.
  • Complete all PASS-assigned work on time management, study skills, test anxiety, note taking, reading, memory, etc.
  • Set a regular tutoring schedule at the STAC or study schedule at the Library.
  • If applicable, complete Career Coach on AC webpage and research careers in which you’re interested.

For more information, contact the Runner Pass Program Coordinator at runnerpass@angelina.edu